Our Story

Established in 2002 as LRDG, we began with the same ethos we carry today: to provide a broad spectrum of creative work with stellar customer service.

The journey has been eclectic: from designing textiles and handbags, to creating global consumer brands, to building public health campaigns that save lives. We’ve truly enjoyed every step along the way.


Laura Rosenberg, Founder & Creative Director

Laura’s multi-discipline approach to creative strategy is the foundation of TIARA’s work. Her award-winning work as an illustrator, designer and director across the CPG, retail, health, fashion and beauty industries guides our team across their full-service, client-centric work.

Laura Rosenberg


The new decade brings a new face and name to our agency: TIARA.

We’re expanding our offerings even further; to create a robust, full-service experience for our clients and partners.

Let’s create something together!